Consumer Services

Learn how DoorDash has improved customer and merchant experience with Replicant.

Partnering to drive results

DoorDash was using an expensive BPO to make outbound calls to restaurants. To combat rising costs and improve performance, they switched to Replicant.
  • 94%
    Success rate
  • 49%
    Reduction in AHT
  • 6
    Weeks to scale

Unpredictable consumer demand

The food delivery business is subject to large fluctuations in demand. In order to be prepared for potential peaks in volume, many businesses overstaff call centers. This results in unused agent minutes when demand is low, and, consequently, increased agent turnover.

Automating tedious and expensive outbound calls

Eliminating the need for an overseas BPO

Using expensive offshore agents to call restaurants and place orders on behalf of customers resulted in higher costs and poorer order placement rate.

More effective than human counterparts

Within six weeks, Replicant was 89% as effective as offshore agents. After three months, Replicant outperformed agents, escalating 14% fewer calls.

Navigating noisy and unique environments

Compared to offshore agents, Replicant has a lower hangup rate even in noisy and chaotic settings like a restaurant.

Merchants preferred speaking with the Thinking Machine since the kitchen is often noisy and the robot is clear.
George McConnell
Global Operations Manager
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